Sally McRae – Shine In All You Do

Carrie chats with The Yellow Runner herself: Sally McRae! They talk about her history with running, the origins of the Yellow Runner name, her recent move to Oregon, how she fits training into her busy life, how she deals with the dark side of ultrarunning, and much more!

Recorded November 17, 2020

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Sally McRae

Sally McRae is a Professional Ultramarathon Runner, Coach & Consultant, and mother of two. She has been a runner for most of her life and has a particular love for running in the mountains for extra-long distances.

McRae was introduced to trail running while training for her yearly road marathon. She didn’t compete in road races but enjoyed running long and staying in shape while she was a teacher. While flipping through a Runner’s World magazine, her curiosity was hooked when she came upon an article about ultramarathons. Sally was amazed that the human body was capable of such distances and wanted to discover it for herself.

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