Minnesota Distance Elite – Put Our Best Foot Forward

Carrie chats with Minnesota Distance Elite at a live event! She chats with coach Chris Lundstrom first about his time as an athlete with the team, his coaching, his goals for the athletes in 2024, prepping for the marathon trials in Orlando and track trials in Eugene, and so much more. Then, Carrie chats with twelve members of the team about their superstitions, their time with the team, how some of them got into the sport, and most importantly, their goals for 2024.

Recorded November 8, 2023

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Minnesota Distance Elite

The team consists of the following members:

  • Coach Chris Lundstrom
  • Joseph Minor
  • Annie Frisbie
  • Kevin Lewis
  • Dakotah Lindwurm
  • Clayton Duchatschek
  • Joel Reichow
  • Breanna Sieracki
  • Emilee Trost
  • Joshua Yeager
  • Titus Winders
  • Merga Gemeda
  • JP Trojan
  • Cailee Peterson (* did not appear in the episode)
  • Tyler Jermann (* did not appear in the episode)
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