Annie Rodenfels – Best Case Scenario, I Win!

Carrie chats with USATF 5K Road Champion Annie Rodenfels! They talk about her awesome race, her race tactics, her background in this sport, seeing the benefits of her training, getting married, coming out this past fall, and so much more!

Recorded November 8, 2023

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Annie Rodenfels

Annie Rodenfels is a professional runner specializing in anything between mile to 10k, classic literature enthusiast, and proud Aunt. She currently lives in Boston, MA where she runs for the Boston Athletic Association and Adidas, but was born in Dayton, Ohio. Annie graduated fro Centre College in Danville, KY in 2019 where she majored in psychology and gender studies, ran track and field, was the VP of her school’s ASL club and proud member of the Bonner Scholars. She feels grateful to be pursuing a full time career currently in running, but aspires to go back to school and get a masters or PhD and pursue a career in research in the psychology of women in sport. She is a recent USATF National Champion in the 5k road race and has finished as high as 6th place in the 2022 US Track and Field Championships in the steeplechase. When not running, Annie can be found gaming, walking her dog, reading, or drinking coffee. She recently married her husband, Collin, after three years and a move across the country together from South Carolina and they are happily the parents of one obnoxious dog, Beowulf. Annie hopes to accomplish two major things in her running career, to make an Olympic team and to stand up and fight for the change within the sport that she believes in (whether that be gender and racial inclusivity, clean sport, or better representation for women in the sport).

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