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Carrie welcomes Grayson Murphy back to the show! They talk about her latest World Championship win and bronze medal, her ups and downs in the last couple of years, her side business with the Racin Grayson Training Log and Planner, her goals for 2024, her upcoming wedding, and so much more!

Recorded November 21, 2023

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Grayson Murphy

In 2014, at the age of 19, and after 1 year of playing DIII college soccer, I decided to make the switch to competitive running. The switch was motivated more by my desire to make friends and still be on a “team” than it was by my initial love for the sport. In fact, I vividly remember watching my high school cross country team run after school each day and I always thought to my self “those poor, poor souls”.

Fast forward to today: thanks to the amazing coaches, teammates, and friends whom I have met in the last 8 years in the running community I have come to absolutely love the sport.

I currently compete on the roads, track, and trails as a pro runner (yes, all 3- You don’t have to choose just one!). I split my time training between Flagstaff, AZ; Bozeman, MT, and SLC, UT (my hometown). I am currently coached by David Roche, head of the Some Work, All Play (SWAP) team.

A few of my PRs/Accomplishments:
5x DI All-American for the University of Utah
2019 & 2023 World Mountain Running Champion (Classic discipline)
2023 3rd Place World Mountain Running Championships (VK discipline)
2019, 2021, 2023 US Mountain Running Champion (Classic discipline)
2023 US Mountain Running Champion (VK discipline)
15:25 5k (2021)
32:28 Track 10,000m (2019)
31:53 Road 10k (2022)
9:25 3k Steeplechase and 6th place at US Olympic Trials (2021)
4:35 Road mile (2021)
50:14 15k (2021)
1:10:34 Half Marathon (2023)

Surprisingly, I am more than “just a runner”! I graduated with my BS of Civil Engineering in 2018 from the University of Utah and am currently pursuing my Masters of Sustainable Natural Resources from Oregon State University. I hope to use these degrees and begin a career that I can work toward while simultaneously chasing my wildest running dreams.

I initially began creating a single, hand drawn, bullet journal for myself in the fall of 2018 as a way to keep myself busy. The idea has since blossomed into a little business that I am so proud of and something that I look forward to every year. Not only do these training logs give me a chance to be creative and learn entrepreneurial skills, but they also allow me to connect with and contribute to the running community at large which is the real cherry on top!

The basic idea of the training logs + planners is that they honor both the athlete and the non-athlete in each of us. Each day includes space to fill in your daily training as well as your daily life appointments. The logs also have monthly mental health journal prompts aimed at improving and de-stigmatizing mental health; an issue very important to me.

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