Erica Stanley-Dottin – Still in the Game

Carrie chats with Erica Stanley-Dottin! Erica recently became the 25th Black American-born woman to break the 3 hour marathon barrier since 1973, so she joins Carrie to share all about her record setting day in Berlin, how she switched from sprinting to distance running, why being on that list is important to her, how she’s getting faster as she gets older, how menopause is something we need to talk more about, and so much more!

Recorded October 17, 2022

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Erica Stanley-Dottin

Born and raised in Brooklyn NYC, Erica is a mom of two boys, a wife, producer and 9-time marathoner! Erica is also co-captain of running crew Black Roses NYC, founded and coached by Knox Robinson. Over the past 4 years of her marathon journey, she’s learned mostly from group training that marathoning is a lifestyle and goes hand in hand with mindfulness practice, community connection and being open to new ideas and experiences. On September 25th 2022, with a time of 2:52 at the Berlin Marathon, she became the 25th Black American-born woman to run a sub-3 hour marathon. Erica works for Boston based, running apparel brand Tracksmith where she manages the NYC marketing programs, events and community initiatives.

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