Emilia Benton – It Was Really Special

Carrie chats with Emilia Benton! The freelance journalist joins the show to talk about her writing, her training and racing, her coach (Nell Rojas) and how she helped Emilia set a 15 minute personal best, her childhood, her goals for 2023, her husband and Boston Terrier, and so much more!

Recorded November 22, 2022

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Emilia Benton

Emilia Benton is a freelance journalist primarily covering running, health, and fitness for publications such as Runner’s World, Women’s Running, Women’s Health, SELF, Well and Good, and much more. While she covers all aspects of the sport, from writing profiles of professional and everyday runners to gear reviews and the occasional personal essay, she is especially passionate about elevating the stories and voices of underrepresented runners who we otherwise may not hear much about.

Emilia is also an 11-time marathoner and an ambassador for the Chevron Houston Marathon, at which she achieved her long-time goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon earlier this year, in a time of 3:30:14, which was also a 15-plus-minute personal best. She’s currently training to hopefully run a half-marathon PR (under 1:39:54) leading up to her first Boston Marathon in April. Emilia lives in her hometown of Houston with her husband, Omar (who is also an avid runner and running his first Boston next year as well) and their Boston Terrier rescue, Astro.

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