Duane Scotti

Duane Scotti – Spark It Up

Carrie chats with physical therapist and running coach Duane Scotti! They discuss common running injuries and how to rehabilitate them, how he found his way into the running world from the world of dance, how to read your body, and much more!

Recorded December 16, 2020

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Duane Scotti

Duane is a running physical therapist, run coach, host of the Healthy Runner podcast, and founding owner of SPARK Physical Therapy and has been a leader in the rehab and running community for over 17 years. Duane is honored to be a part of team UCAN as a featured expert dedicated to training strategies and innovation. Through the Healthy Runner community, Duane strongly believes living an active lifestyle can help you stay healthy and live a pain free life. At SPARK Physical Therapy, Duane guides his clients in achieving a high performance active lifestyle. You could be a runner who aspires to complete your first half marathon or you could be an experienced marathoner of 30 years. Duane has been the fitness and health support system and the go to resource for coaches, trainers and runners from all over the world. He has his clients’ best interest in mind and therefore Duane strives to constantly put up new videos, podcast episodes, and blog posts to help runners improve their confidence and strength for running. Duane has successfully rehabbed and coached hundreds of runners back to PR’s over the years and has a passion for helping runners of all abilities stay healthy and prevent injuries in order to get back to the workouts and runs they love!

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