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Heather Knight Pech – Stay In The Game Longer

Carrie chats with rockstar Masters runner Heather Knight Pech! They chat about how she got started in the sport, why she believes consistency is the key to her success, what gives her the drive to compete, her fashion career prior to running, how she’s preparing to break 3 hours in the marathon, and more!

Recorded December 21, 2020

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Heather Knight Pech

Since 2012 I have developed my passion of helping athletes of all ages run their best. From youth (high school) to adults each person brings a different type of experience, unique training concept, and a slew of different emotions.

I believe when your body, mind and heart are in balance you connect to what you want to do. It’s my mission to help you find that balance.

As a mother of 3 girls, a wife, daughter, sister and friend who has had to balance crazy work hours, travel over 50% of the time, all while trying to be the best athlete that I could be … I get it.

Running represents life. We need patience, we need control, we need discipline, we need to adapt, and we need the determination to keep going (even if it is one step at a time).

I love working with people. I love big nasty goals, and building concepts that move us towards those goals. I hope that together we can find joy in the process. I am honored to be part of the McKirdy Trained coaching family. I have seen first hand how successful a private coach can be, and I look forward to working with you to build an individualized concept that builds fitness and confidence so that you can be your best every day.

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