Dennis Barker: Appreciate It

Carrie interviews coach Dennis “D-Dawg” Barker! He discusses publishing his first book, The River Road, and his experience coaching elite runner Gabriele Grunewald as she battles cancer.

Recorded April 25, 2017

Dennis Barker

Dennis Barker is a coach and writer.  He is the author of The River Road, a historical running novel nominated for the 2016 Track & Field Writers of America Book of the Year.  He has coached 24 U.S. national champions, including Olympian Carrie Tollefson, and 73 top three finishers.  He has also coached NCAA All-Americans at the collegiate level and Minnesota All-State runners at the high school level.  He continues to coach individuals striving for personal goals through his website

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Dennis on Twitter

Dennis’ Website

The River Road

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