Andie Taylor – The Clouds Cleared

Carrie chats with Andie Taylor, a long time runner who transitioned from male to female. They chat about the highs and lows of finding your true self, whether or not she has an unfair advantage, the science and politics surrounding transgendered athletes, how people can be kind and accepting to all, and much more!

Recorded August 23, 2021

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Andie Taylor

Andie Taylor was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and raised in Minneapolis, Glen Ellyn, Illinois and Burnsville, Minnesota. She started running at 10 years old with her dad. She started running competitively in 6th grade for the local Junior High Team. Going on to Burnsville High School, she was All-Conference in Track and Cross Country, where she was caption of both teams. She ran at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN from 1991-1995.
After college, Andie moved around and continued to run but took about 8 years off from competition due to some asthma issues that resolved in her mid-30s.
In her 30’s she joined the Run N Fun team. By her mid-40’s she had run Prs of 4:52 (1 mile), 16:44 (5K), 57:42 (10 mile) and 1:17:11 (half marathon). In 2016, Andie was named MN men’s runner of the year for 40-44 year olds.
At this point, Andie made the decision to transition from male to female with all available medical intervention possible.
At 49 years old, Andie continues to run upwards of 100 mile weeks. She has refrained from most serious competition due to concerns of retaining a physical advantage that hormone therapy couldn’t erase. She is planning on running Houston Marathon in January 2022.
Andie is a nurse at Health Foundations in St Paul, MN. She also has owned a construction and property management business for years.

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