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Carrie chats with Altra Running members Shanna Burnette, Keely Henniger, and Jacky Hunt-Broersma in front of a live audience! The panel talks about blazing trails for other women in running, keeping our sport clean, being a multi-sport athlete when you’re young, the legacies they want to leave, what Altra means to them, what drives them forward, and much more!

Recorded December 1, 2022

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Shanna Burnette

Working Mom to three kids, Wife. Runner. Co-Founder of Clean Sport Collective and ModCraft. Agent for Positive Change, Manages elite athletes, partnerships, social media, PR, Communications, influencers, events, ambassadors, and advocacy for Altra Running.

Keely Henninger

Keely is a 29-year-old professional trail runner and scientist focusing on promoting healthy training. Through her social media platform, she encourages healthy training and recovery methods specifically for female athletes. She has been a member of Team USA, holds the USA 50-mile national champion title, winning multiple races. She is a Podcast host on Trail Society Podcast.

Jacky Hunt-Broersma

After losing her leg to cancer, Jacky’s running journey began. From there, she has found her stride in the 50-mile race length. Her running career is crowned with accomplishments like breaking World Records, being named WRAL Athlete of the Year, and being named Strong Fitness Magazine’s Woman to Watch in 2021. She is also the first amputee runner to take on the TransRockies Mountain Stage trail race and the The Naturalist 25k trail race.

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