Rylee McDermott: Going Full Force

Carrie hangs out with Mr. Man Bun Run himself – Rylee McDermott! In addition to getting to know all of Rylee’s favorite things, Carrie remembers a long-forgotten(?) country superstar from the 90s, and Rylee discovers a fondness for Minnesota that he never knew he had.

Recorded December 13, 2018

Rylee McDermott

Rylee aka “Man Bun” started running a little over four years ago as a way to cope with some of the stresses and life changes that were occurring at that time. Like all beginning runners, he assumed that his basketball shoes and shorts were obviously running attire that would be fine to use for pounding out the miles. He’s proud to announce that he quickly learned the error of his ways and the shorts slowly morphed from heavy b-ball shorts, to lightweight cross training shorts just above the knee, to normal pocketless running shorts around mid-thigh, and then finally all the way to the male booty shorts or tights that (almost) all die hard runners wear with pride depending on the weather. He’s also an ambassador for Altra running shoes as he decided to leave his basketball shoes on the court. Rylee is spoiled to live in Utah and enjoys running on the trails around his home as well as on the roads.

Aside from running, Rylee recently left the practice of law and works for a bank in their Private Wealth Management department, he is a devoted dad to his beautiful little girl, and he is the podcast host of Man Bun Run.

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