Meghan Roth – Next Thing… I Was In The Ambulance

Carrie chats with Meghan Roth, a fast marathoner who survived a cardiac arrest during the 2021 Boston Marathon. She takes Carrie through the day, describing the moments leading up to the race, getting through eight miles, collapsing on the course, having a friend perform CPR on her, waking up in an ambulance, recovering in a Boston hospital for several days following the race, and her ongoing journey towards recovery.

Recorded October 26, 2021

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Meghan Roth

Meghan played soccer for 16 years with her last 4 years at the Collegiate Level as a Bulldog at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

She has been doing marathons for 12+ years with her first marathon at Grandma’s Marathon in 2008 racing a 3:07. Running was her “after sport” after finishing her soccer career and a new challenging sport to be able to focus on, on her own schedule and just loving to run!

Since then, she has completed 13 marathons. She also races locally with Twin Cities Track Club, competing in the local racing circuit with some faster times from 5K to half marathon (but marathon is her favorite distance!).

She ran the Boston Marathon in 2019 where she ran a new PR and her OTQ to compete in the 2020 Olympic Trials in Atlanta racing a 2:44. Running has always been her passion and she is extremely competitive. Going into her best years of running, she can’t wait to reach her potential in the sport!

She is a full time running coach for Run4PRs. She loves coaching because it combines her love over the years for teaching, coaching, fitness, health, running and working with and helping people with most importantly specializing in running, which has always been her true passion.

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Meghan’s Coaching Page – Run4PRs

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