Megan Hill – Running Saved My Life

Carrie continues a month of interviews all around the Brave Like Gabe Foundation in honor of her late friend Gabe Grunewald!

This week, Carrie chats with Megan Hill, a runner and nurse who became friends with Gabe after finding out she, too, had a super rare cancer: Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma (not to be confused with Gabe’s Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma). In the episode, they chat about her friendship with Gabe, how she found out about her tumor that was the size of a volleyball, how she is doing today, and much more!

Recorded June 15, 2020

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Megan Hill

I was diagnosed with Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma (ACC) in June 2018. It’s a super rare cancer – I’m a one in a million case. I had a major surgery to remove a 17 cm tumor as well as my right adrenal gland and a part of my liver. To prevent microscopic cancer cells from hanging around after surgery, I had to start an oral chemotherapy treatment that I am still taking to this day. I’m not going to lie, the side effects are rough. Chemo also shuts down my adrenal function (I have one left!) making me completely dependent on steroids for vital hormones. Between the chemo side effects and being adrenal insufficient, life is challenging but I’ve learned to adjust. And most importantly, I’m currently NED (no evidence of disease)!

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