Mary Cain – This is a Gift

Carrie chats with Mary Cain! They talk about ignored injuries from her past that are now getting addressed, being fully aware of her mental health and her triggers, her life and training now, her partnership with Tracksmith, her role as CEO and President of Atalanta NYC, and much more!

Recorded August 31, 2021
Photo by Tracksmith

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Mary Cain

Mary Cain is the founder and CEO of Atalanta track Club, a professional athlete and Tracksmith’s New York City Community Manager. She is an advocate for women and safe coaching practices in sports. Mary’s professional career began when she was just 17 and she has since come out to speak about going from the “Fastest Girl in America” to experiencing abuse from her previous coach at Nike’s Oregon Project. Mary continues to be a force for change, giving back to the running community with Atalanta, a track club and nonprofit that supports both professional runners and girls in her local community.

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