Lindsey Elizabeth Cortes – Food Freedom

Carrie chats with Lindsey Elizabeth Cortes, a registered dietician and host of the Female Athlete Nutrition Podcast! They talk about having food freedom, intuitive eating, overcoming disordered eating, how she is living proof you can have a healthy relationship with food and athletics, and so much more!

Recorded May 11, 2021

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Lindsey Elizabeth Cortes

Lindsey Elizabeth Cortes, MS, RD, CSSD, is a Sports Dietitian, entrepreneur, and runner. Lindsey received her bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from UMass Amherst while competing as a D1 Track & Field athlete. She went on to get a Masters in Sports Nutrition at Florida State University while completing requirements to become a board certified dietitian. She has worked as a sports dietitian for collegiate athletes at schools including the University of Georgia, Florida State University, and the University of Texas San Antonio. She also helps the US military by fueling warfighters for performance, including working many years as a tactical dietitian for Air Force Special Operations. In 2018 Lindsey started her own virtual business, Rise Up Nutrition LLC helping female athletes overcome disordered eating and using food as fuel to perform at their highest level. She has helped hundreds of girls and women transform themselves into fierce, fit, and fueled female athletes through her personalized and group nutrition coaching programs. She also spreads her message of blending sports nutrition with intuitive eating principles through collaboration with other like-minded organizations like Voice in Sport and through hosting her own podcast, Female Athlete Nutrition. Outside of work, which truly is her passion, Lindsey continues to run roads & trails in her local area, spends time with her two German Shorthaired Pointers, her husband who is active duty military, meditation, cooking, baking, and making frequent trips to visit her siblings, nieces & nephews all across the country!

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