Laura Green – Their Words Couldn’t Touch Me

Carrie chats with comedian Laura Green! They talk about their violin skills (and how it actually helped their running), running Division I at Northeastern University, keeping perspective, keeping to a sustainable schedule with social media, how to get the confidence to be a comedian, and so much more!

Recorded December 20, 2022

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Laura Green

Laura Green is a comedic content creator who loves to stand in front of people and tell jokes. Her brain is a hamster wheel of self deprecating humor focused on the run and fitness industry which she attempts to communicate via short videos and storytelling. She runs a lot. And she also naps a lot.

Laura lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two small boys. They are actually just young, not small, as they are abnormally large for their age. That’s not really important right now, is it?

Laura has also been writing this entire bio in third person and would like to make it stop. Okay, bye.

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