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Carrie chats with Emily Abbate! The host of the Hurdle podcast discusses her introduction into the world of journalism, how she tries to help connect others along their journeys, how she started focusing on her fitness during her freshman year of college, how her fitness routine changed after being mugged, the joy of paragliding, and much more!

Recorded September 7, 2022

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Emily Abbate

Emily Abbate is a connector on a mission to empower women to live healthier, happier, and more motivated lives. Now a nine-time marathoner and triathlete, the veteran wellness journalist (bylines include GQ, Well+Good, Glamour, and more) and former Fitness Editor at SELF Magazine wasn’t always kickstarting her days with runs around Central Park or leading workouts on Good Morning America. Abbate went through a dramatic transformation in college, combatting negative self talk by integrating regular movement and healthier eating practices into her regular routine — ultimately losing 70 pounds and gaining a fresh perspective that catapulted her into a career in the health and fitness space.

The certified run coach and trainer shares these experiences with her audience on Hurdle, acclaimed by The New York Times as “addictive,” with more than 3.5 million downloads to date. Featured in Health, Shape, and Runner’s World, Abbate aims to empower her audience to feel less alone on their own wellness journeys, and does so through important conversations with everyone from elite athletes to top CEOs and founders. At the core of her mission is authenticity, which she brings not only to the show but also to her on-air commentary, keynote speeches, and one-on-one coaching.

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Emily Abbate
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