Craig Ringsven – Hot or Cold or Both

Carrie chats with Craig Ringsven, a physical therapist and owner of The Nordic Nook Oasis! They talk about the benefits of contrast therapy, how it helps both athletically and for overall health, how he and his wife Amy started the business during the pandemic, other types of physical therapy that is good for runners, and much more!

Recorded August 24, 2022

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Craig Ringsven

Bio courtesy The Nordic Nook
Anchored by a wood-fired barrel sauna and cooling pond, the Nordic Nook provides an immersive experience that is both relaxing and rejuvenating. Suddenly, a hot summer day feels cool and refreshing. Frigid winter nights become remarkably pleasant. A January plunge into the icy water will not only test your bravery but will awaken your mind and body like no other way.

Not up for the intense temps? The Nordic Nook has plenty other amenities to keep you busy: lounge by the fire or on the hammocks, test your pie iron skills or compete for cornhole champ. Our goal is for you to relax and enjoy!

Perfect for social gatherings, date nights, spa days, birthdays, mental health escapes, post-workout recovery, well-mannered bachelor’s and bachelorette parties.

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