Chris Chavez – Reignite a Spark

Carrie chats with Sports Illustrated’s Chris Chavez! They discuss his recent interview with Mary Cain, the current doping issues in the sport of running, and much more!

Recorded November 22, 2019

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Chris Chavez

I am a writer and editor at Sports Illustrated since 2015. Got to cover the Rio Olympics for them in 2016, which was a dream come true. I primarily write and report on track and field, marathons and the Olympics. When I’m not doing that for SI, I’m the breaking news team editor for, where I help dictate the day-to-day coverage on what top stories we need to hit.

For most of my running commentary, I started CITIUS MAG in 2017 with some friends from the running community. I host a weekly podcast where similar to you I chat with some of the top runners, coaches and figures from the running community. It’s been fun! So in addition to the CITIUS MAG Podcast, I co-host the Runners of NYC Podcast and then also produce two other shows for the site. Love podcasting!

And then on top of that, I’m still chasing PRs. I run with the Brooklyn Track Club in New York City and I’m gunning for a sub-three hour marathon next year in Chicago. Just notched a PR of 3:06 in Berlin.

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