Chad Hall – It’s Freeing

Carrie chats with Chad Hall! The national champion runner, recent 2:12 marathoner in his debut, and brother of Ryan Hall (and brother-in-law of Sara Hall) tells us about his journey with endurance sports, being in a family where activity is so important, how he trains for each discipline, the mindset, time away from a sport, what is next for him, and so much more!

Recorded February 13, 2023

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Chad Hall

Chad Hall has a vast array of experience in the Endurance World having raced professionally as a runner, triathlete, road cyclist, and mountain biker. His accolades include a Foot Locker National Championship, 3 Big West Conference Championships, 2 X Top Ten at the Leadville 100 MTB. He’s also an accomplished coach, cinematographer, and videographer.

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