Camille Herron – Death by a Thousand Papercuts

Carrie welcomes ultra marathoner Camille Herron back to the show! They talk about her latest World Record at Desert Solstice running 100 miles on the track in 13:21:55 (that is 8:01 pace, peeps!), her issues with iron overload, her move back to lower altitudes, dealing with the destruction of her home in a tornado, and much more!

Photo by Howie Stern
Recorded December 16, 2021

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Camille Herron

The World’s Best Ultrarunner
Comrades Champion. 50K-100K-24 Hour World Champion. 11 American Records. 5 World Records.

Show Notes:

Camille Herron – The World’s Best Ultrarunner
Camille Herron on Instagram

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