Caitlin Lenehan Balint and Sophie Long – Be the Match

Carrie chats with real life superheroes Caitlin Lenehan Balint and Sophie Long! In this episode, we hear how Cait has suffered for over 20 years from an autoimmune disease that destroyed her liver. She posted on Facebook that she needed to find a new liver, and at the young age of 25, Sophie gave the gift of donating a portion of her liver to Cait. They talk about their stories, how they bonded through their mutual running store, their recovery journey, and much more!

Recorded April 12, 2021

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Caitlin Lenehan Balint

View Caitlin’s story on the Brave Like Gabe website.

Sophie Long

I grew up in Darien, CT and ran track and Cross Country for Darien and High School and Trinity College. I majored in math at Trinity and earned my teaching certification at University of Saint Joseph and started teaching math at Darien High School when I graduated from Trinity in 2017. I continued to run and have run the NYC Marathon twice. During my time working at DHS, I began working at Ridgefield Running Company. Ultimately, Caitlin and my connection to Ridgefield Running Company was what led me to sign up to see if I could be her donor. Hopefully there will be some marathons for me and Caitlin in the future 🙂

Show Notes:

The Brave Like Gabe Foundation
National Foundation for Transplants
Chris Klug Foundation

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