Boston and Beyond: Reaching Your Personal Best

Carrie and Angie Spencer team up to bring you a special live show taped before the 2022 Boston Marathon! The duo hosted Meb Kefezighi, Emily Sisson, Tommie Bailey, and Emma Bates, and they chatted about all things running and life!

Recorded April 16, 2022

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Our Guests

Emma Bates is a professional runner based in Boulder, CO who is training with Team Boss. Among her many accomplishments she was the 2018 US Women’s Marathon Champion and finished 2nd at the Chicago Marathon 2021 with a PB of 2:24:20.

Emily Sisson is a US Olympian, World Championship Finalists, USATF Champ, and NCAA Champ. She has run 1:07 PB for the half marathon and a 2:23 Marathon PB. She runs professionally for New Balance.

Tommie Bailey is a self-proclaimed sober, vegan, runtrepreneur who lives outside Detroit, MI. He is a 2:48 marathoner, host of the Run Eat Sleep Show and co-host of the PR project.

Meb Keflezighi is an Olympic medalist, a Boston Marathon champion, an NYC marathon champ, a USATF champ, and an NCAA Champ.

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