Ruby Peterson – You’ll Probably Be Like… Uffda!

Ruby Peterson (Carrie’s 9 year old daughter) takes over the hosting duties for her mom! In this episode, they answer listener questions, talk about Girls on the Run, and have fun chatting girl to girl.

Recorded December 22, 2019

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Ruby Peterson

Carrie and Ruby are like two peas in a pod. They both love life, are social butterflies, and enjoy using a microphone. Ruby is Carrie’s oldest daughter and is a Girl On the Run. She loves her two little brothers and so wants a dog. She also wants to someday do an Ironman with her Dad Charlie.

Carrie… well, you know her. She is the mother to 3 kids, a wife to Charlie, and a runner. Basically, she is just thankful for what running has given her and is ready to get after whatever life throws her way.
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