Kelly Herron: Your Body Cannot Go Where Your Mind Has Not Been

Carrie welcomes Kelly Herron back to the show! Kelly was the subject of a horrific attack more than a year ago and has gone on to be an inspiration to women all over the world. In this episode, they talk about her recent 40 minute PR in the Honolulu Marathon, her latest attack (and how she is doing since then), her goals for the future, being on Dr. Oz with Nancy Grace, and the new love in her life.

Recorded December 19, 2018

Kelly Herron

Kelly made global headlines in 2017 when she survived a brutal mid-run attack in Seattle. Her battle-cry “Not Today” inspired women around the world to fight back. She ran her first marathon in Chicago alongside her mom and has continued to use her voice to promote runner safety. In her recovery, she has come to discover a deep love for running and in other areas of her life as well. She recently completed the Honolulu Marathon and like her mom, she looks forward to getting after it for years to come.

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