Tiara Williams – How Far Can I Go?

Carrie chats with Tiara Williams, host of the Real Talk show! They talk about Tee’s interviews she’s done with some of the world’s best athletes, the inside scoop on some of these athletes (and one in particular that she is excited to have us watch!), why she is so dang excited and happy, her journey into running, her dancing skills, and so much more!

Recorded February 21, 2023

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Tiara Williams

I’m Tiara Williams but people call me Tee and RealTalk is my platform for showcasing track and field athletes’ stories in a raw and authentic way.
I was a Division-I heptathlete at Texas Tech. I understand the sport and understand what it’s like to compete. Athletes feel comfortable with me. I’m young and so are they. I talk like them. I ask them questions they want to answer. They answer my questions but they also dance.
Most of the media in the sport is just news. It’s results and nothing else. I want to go deeper and help fans get to know the athletes in a real way. With success often comes struggles and failures. That’s a part of the athletes’ story that should be told too.
RealTalk started in 2019 as Instagram Live interviews and I still do those, but I also make short-form content at the finish line, right after competition. With God’s favor RealTalk has made people smile, laugh, and feel inspired. There’s no limit to what athletes’ stories can do when you give them the platform to tell them.

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