Steve DeBoer – One Day At A Time

Carrie chats with Steve DeBoer, a Minnesota runner who has run at least a mile a day for 50 years! They chat about the origins of the streak, how he has kept it going through injuries and illnesses, what his family thinks of it, how he deals with running in a COVID-19 world, and much more!

Recorded July 28, 2020

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Steve DeBoer

Steve DeBoer moved to MN at the age of 6 months and began running shortly thereafter. Since July 20, 1970, Steve has run every day, which gives him the 3rd longest active running streak in the world. Steve relocated to the south (Rochester) in 1987, allowing him to get in a few more shirtless runs each year, when the temp gets above freezing, Having run over 170,000 miles (50,000 at 32 degrees or lower – the most by a streak runner),he only needs 46,000 more to reach the surface of the moon. There are 4 family members who have had registered running streaks, including his dad, Wendell, who was the first person in the world to have a streak in his 50s, 60s, and 80s (only ran 360-364 days per year in his 70s).

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Streak Runners International
PROFILE–Steve Deboer has been running for 50 years

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