Sasha Gollish – Lights My Soul on Fire

Carrie chats with Dr. Sasha Gollish! The Canadian national champion and world record holder in the indoor masters mile talks about maintaining her fire as she gets older, how she is helping make roads safer for pedestrians as a civil engineer, the power of positivity, observing the changes that perimenopause and menopause bring to your body, and much more!

Recorded July 18, 2023

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Sasha Gollish

Sasha Gollish is a Team Canada athlete having participated in everything from the 1500m to the marathon, but she’s known for her fun loving spirit in the community. You’ll see her smile, wave and probably chat you up anywhere in the world she might be running. Sasha’s also an engineer, a high performance coaching graduate and she works as a research associate in the Human Behaviour and Emotions lab where her work centers around improving sport, movement and physical activity for all. And as ChatGPT says she’s an advocate for “gender equity in sports and has spoken out about the need for equal opportunities and recognition for female athletes.”

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