Ronnel Blackmon – Completion Over Perfection

Carrie chats with Ronnel Blackmon, the voice of the Atlanta Track Club! They talk about his journey into running, being an emcee, training for the TCS New York City Marathon, what it means to him to be the voice for many inspiring events, and so much more!

Recorded August 31, 2023

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Ronnel Blackmon

With over 15 years of experience training, and communicating through event education, and facilitation for National and local class A clients such as Chick-Fil-A, Mercedes Benz USA, Aflac, AAA (triple A), Nascar, Atlanta Falcons, MRI (Real Estate Software), Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Atlanta, the Georgia Department of Education, and a host of others. Working with these different groups has provided Ronnel with experience in executive sales and business development while building relationship skills and communication skills with audiences. Ronnel has helped businesses annually increase sales and membership by developing and implementing training tools while motivating large groups towards client goals. Ronnel’s personality allows for others to engage, develop comfort with the conversation, and charges individuals to act.

While speaking with groups and motivating them virtually and in-person Ronnel has worked with fundraising for over 20 years and communicating the importance of different non-profit purposes and how the connection with the funds raised help the next generation or the organizational goals. Working in the Health and fitness arena by encouraging business owners and trainers to engage with their clients and get the results while growing their businesses. Working with Georgia Department of Education and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for over 10 years educating students/staff/and administration on the importance of healthier eating habits and how they can be a major role in the decrease of childhood obesity. Working with companies and their goals to get more productivity and a higher Work life balance by their employees and the leadership involved. Instructing Team building drills and skills that will translate into the projects and workflow as showing the importance of everyone carrying their load helps the team and doesn’t cause another to have to carry more than required. Different topics that I’ve presented upon were as follows Employee Wellness, Fundraising how to’s, fashion show production and modeling, Health and fitness professionals and business growth and development, Personal and Professional Development, Leadership, School Nutrition, Sports Mental Wellness, and Team Building.

Ronnel Blackmon’s Educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Brand and Business Management from the University of Phoenix, completing this degree in 2010. A Master’s degree in Psychology with a focus on Industrial and Organizational Psychology, also from the University of Phoenix and completing this degree in 2013. Ronnel also has a life coaching certification focused on Mental/Mindset and Public Speaking. With the completion of the Gallup Strength Finder the top 5 strengths were found to be Positivity, Restorative, WOO (winning others over), Includer, and Futuristic. With the Kolbe the results found me as a 3745 (Designer)

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