Phil Wharton – Human Design Is So Different

Carrie chats with Phil Wharton, a musculoskeletal specialist and creator of the Wharton Process! They talk about his story, his passion to help people attain their optimal health, his advice on doing simple things at home to feel better on the run and in our daily living, and much more!

Recorded January 3, 2022

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Phil Wharton

Bio courtesy Phil Wharton
My path to becoming a musculoskeletal specialist started when I was a young runner. I developed a 33-degree curvature of the spine/scoliosis, which produced constant pain. Through the work I now do, I was able to end the pain, correct the problem, and continue my running career, later going on to run a 2:23 marathon.

The objective of the Wharton Process is to take the mystery and confusion out of attaining optimal health, and provide simple solutions to complicated problems by balancing flexibility and strength. A key component of our process is education – providing people with the tools necessary to harness and achieve optimal health. Health, fitness, and athletics are a metaphor for the human spirit, a spirit that is indomitable and expansive.

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Phil Wharton
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