Kylie Mantz and Ashley Young – WE Have Always Believed

Carrie chats with Kylie Mantz and Ashley Young, the spouses of Connor Mantz and Clayton Young (who went 1 and 2 at the 2024 US Olympic Marathon Trials)! They talk about life after the race, the toll that training takes on an athlete’s support system, the importance of having your own thing in a relationship, preparing for Paris, and so much more!

Recorded February 12, 2024

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Ashley Young

Ashley Young wears many hats: head chef, sports nutritionist, chief dishwasher, child-care associate, scheduling assistant, social media consultant, and president of the Clayton Young fan club. She and Clayton have two little girls who fill their days with princess dress-ups and park time. Ashley graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in interdisciplinary humanities and editing, and she loves dark chocolate and audiobooks (a good combo when there are lots of dishes to wash).
(Clayton Young- Husband and Father, ASICS pro athlete, BYU Grad, NCAA Champ, USATF Champ, and 2024 Olympic Marathon Trials Runner Up.)

Kylie Mantz

Kylie Mantz is the steady presence behind the high-performing Conner Mantz. Kylie is an excellent athlete in her own right, and her passion and competitive nature contribute to her ability to help Conner behind the scenes. Kylie, originally from Clovis, California, is currently studying elementary education at Brigham Young University, and she is beloved by all of the children she interacts with—especially Clayton and Ashley’s girls and the fourth graders she currently student-teaches.
(Conner Mantz- Husband, Nike pro athlete, BYU Grad, NCAA Champ, USATF Champ, and 2024 Olympic Marathon Trials Champion.)

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