James McKirdy and Heather Knight Pech – Take a Moonshot

Carrie chats with the founders of the Bakline’s McKirdy Micro Marathon: James McKirdy and Heather Knight Pech! They cover all the ins and outs of the race which produced 33 more Olympic Trials Qualifying times for the Olympic Trials in Feb, as well as why they put this race on, the history of this race, the gratitude from the runners, and so much more!

Recorded October 18, 2023

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Heather Knight Pech

Heather Knight Pech, coach with McKirdy Trained and co-race director of Bakline’s McKirdy Micro Marathon. Heather has led hundreds of athletes of all abilities towards success and her dedication to those in her charge is simply unmatched and on a level of its own. An accomplished and world-class athlete herself, Heather holds a personal best of 3:00:44 in the marathon and has won an unprecedented 5 age divisions in the Boston Marathon – the current course record holder in the age group of F60-64 – 3:03:47. Heather lives in Darien, Connecticut with her loving husband Colin and has 3 daughters who are just as amazing as she is.

James McKirdy

James McKirdy is the head coach and founder of McKirdy Trained. James has led many athletes to their best ranging from 4th place at the World Championship marathon to 6 hour marathoners finishing the event for the first time. James founded McKirdy Trained in January 2016 and has developed the online coaching model to serve athletes all over the world. He resides with his loving with in Flagstaff, AZ and their two dogs – Nub Nub and Dumbledore

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