Jacky Hunt-Broesma – Gaining Life

Carrie chats with Jacky Hunt-Broersma! The accomplished cancer survivor and amputee ultramarthoner talks about her diagnosis, her life before cancer, her training, parenting, menopause, her upcoming races, and much more!

Recorded March 23, 2023

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Jacky Hunt-Broesma

Jacky Hunt-Broersma – cancer survivor and mother – is one of the most accomplished amputee ultramarathoners around, trailblazing firsts for all female and amputee runners. After losing her leg to cancer, Jacky’s running journey began. From there, she has found her stride in the 50-mile race length. Her running career is crowned with accomplishments like breaking World Records, being named WRAL Athlete of the Year, and being named Strong Fitness Magazine’s Woman to Watch in 2021. She is also the first amputee runner to take on the TransRockies Mountain Stage trail race and the The Naturalist 25k trail race.

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