Emma Bates and Keira D’Amato – Global Running Day presented by UCAN

Carrie chats with Emma Bates and Keira D’Amato on Global Running Day! After grilling each other with rapid fire questions, they chat about the joy of getting to compete against so many great American runners, working through impostor syndrome, raising the next generation of runners, and so much more!

Recorded June 7, 2023

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Keira D’Amato

Keira D’Amato is a professional distance runner for Nike. She’s the current American Women’s 10-Mile Record Holder and broke the American Marathon Record in January 2022, before it was broken again later in the year. Keira was an All-American runner in college, but took a long break from competitive running to pursue a career as a realtor, get married and have two kids. She returned to pro running in 2016, after a 7-year break, and has been running her fastest times across all distances since then.

Emma Bates

Emma Bates is professional distance runner with Asics. She represented Team USA in the World Athletic Championships Marathon in 2022, breaking her personal best by over a minute and finishing 7th. It was her first marathon since finishing 2nd at the 2021 Chicago Marathon. She is the 2018 U.S. Women’s Marathon Champion, a 12-time All-American, and the 2014 NCAA 10,000 champion competing for Boise State University. Emma trains in Boulder, CO with Team Boss.

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