Courtney Dauwalter – Ride Those Waves

Carrie chats with ultramarathoner Courtney Dauwalter! They dig into her latest win at the Hardrock 100, where she talks about the ups and downs, riding the rollercoaster that is the ultra, puking and just saying “this is fine”, being a leader and trailblazer in this sport, her Cooking with Courtney video, the importance of her crew, and much more!

Recorded July 19, 2022

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Courtney Dauwalter

Bio courtesy of Kodiak Cakes
Courtney Dauwalter is an all-around athletic beast. Before attending University of Denver on a cross-country skiing scholarship, she not only competed in high school skiing, but also ran track and cross country in Hopkins, Minnesota. It wasn’t until 2017 when she became a full-time professional runner.

Courtney dominates her frontier and the competition. On October 15, 2017, during a scorching hot Sunday, Courtney competed in the Moab 240-mile endurance race. For most athletes, it would take three to five days to compete a course of this length. But for Courtney, she ran it in two days, nine hours, and fifty-nine minutes. On top of that, she beat the second-place male finisher by 10 hours. She continues push the limits as an unstoppable force in field.

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