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Carrie chats with Caroline Hampton Cole! They talk about her second marathon attempt this summer in Duluth where she ran a 2:36, her preparations for her third marathon attempt (the Olympic Trials in February), how she got into the sport, the loss and heartache she has experienced and how it drove her, the importance of empathy in coaching, how she uses her faith during the run, predictions for who will make the Olympic Team, and so much more!

Recorded January 3, 2024

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Caroline Hampton Cole

I am an avid runner living in Nashville, TN where my husband and I have planted our roots. I have been a personal trainer (CC Fitness) for five years and recently got into marathons. I ran on scholarship at small DII school, Trevecca University (2014-2018), where I was the first individual athlete to compete at Nationals (cross country). I still have records in the 1500, 1 mile, 3k, and 5k. I grew up in an active household and watched my parents run many half and full marathons. My parents encouraged me and my brother to try different sports growing up, which I am so thankful for.

I found success in college, but I had plenty adversities through injuries. After graduating college, I put a pause on running to give my body rest. I married my best friend and coached at a local private school while training my clients. During our first year of marriage, we lost my precious dad (my best running friend), and 11 months later we lost my amazing father-in-law.

Through loss and trauma you begin to gain a new outlook on life. The little things do not matter and you start living each day with a purpose. So, I began running with intention again. My friend and I run Garry Bjorklund half marathon together in 2022. I placed 6th with a time of 1:14:40 and was elated when I crossed the line. My friend (coach now) encouraged me to try to go after the Olympic Trials standard in the next training block. I decided to go all in with my friend. I went to CIM in 2022 for my first swing and dropped out at mile 19 with abdominal pain. A few GI appointments later, we found some issues and UCAN began working with me as we trained for the standard. Swing two was the Houston marathon a few months later where I ran 2:39:58 for my first full marathon. We decided to try running Grandma’s Marathon in June 2023. I felt confident in my fuel and the race plan and placed 16th in 2:36.09 for our final swing! We did it! It was a magical day, but it only happened because of the community I have around me and the gifts God has given me. With Tracksmith and UCAN’s support, I feel confident we can do BIG things in Orlando!

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