Bryan Green and Jon Rankin – Fuel The Pursuit

Carrie chats with Jon Rankin and Bryan Green, hosts of the Fueling the Pursuit podcast! They chat about their journey into the sport, turning from college teammates into business partners, and much more!

Recorded November 10, 2021

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Jon Rankin

Jon Rankin is the founder and CEO of Go Be More as well as the co-host of two podcast shows, the Go Be More Podcast and Fueling the Pursuit presented by UCAN. A noted public speaker, Jon first created the phrase Go Be More as an inspirational message for his audiences, whom he encourages to never stop chasing their dreams.

Jon’s life is an example of the Go Be More message. He willed himself to become one of the best milers in the world. After being diagnosed with a terminal kidney disease, he sought out treatments to overcome it. And as an entrepreneur, he’s growing Go Be More to become one of the most prominent inspirational apparel companies in the world.

Bryan Green

Bryan Green is the co-founder of Go Be More, author of Make the Leap, and co-host of UCAN’s Fueling the Pursuit Podcast. He transformed his running as a junior at UCLA by adopting key ideas from learning theory and psychology. In his book, articles, and podcasting, he focuses on “practical psychology,” finding ways to improve our running and our lives by improving the way we think. He lives in Sendai, Japan with his wife and two daughters, and can often be found running in the rice fields.

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Fueling The Pursuit Podcast
Go Be More (use code CARRIE for a special offer!)
Make The Leap Book (use code CARRIE for a special offer!)

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