Tina Muir: Be The Bridge

Carrie welcomes Tina Muir back to the show. They discuss a wide range of topics, but most importantly, they discuss the journey that led to Tina’s newborn daughter Bailey!

Recorded September 25, 2018

Tina Muir

Tina is a mother, wife, former elite runner, and founder of Running for Real. After running 2:36 in the marathon and representing Great Britain and Northern Ireland in her dream race of the World Half Marathon Championships, Tina stepped away from running to start a family, shocking the running world by admitting she had been struggling with amenorrhea (a cessation of menstrual periods) for 9 years. Tina’s story went viral, and tens of thousands of women have since spoken out about their struggle with amenorrhea. Tina was recently the first cover model of a fitness magazine to be featured with a stroller (and baby!) in the October issue of Women’s Running Magazine.Tina intends on returning to the professional world of running and bridging the gap between recreational runners and the elite level through her podcast, Running for Real and by being completely transparent with the setbacks in her own return to running journey.

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Tina Muir of Running For Real
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